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Painless Root canal treatment in single sitting or if required multiple sitting done using automation techniques which causes discomfort to patients & less time consuming and arscues higher success & also compared to manual RCT.

Teeth cleaning/polishing/whitening & cleaning new confident smile is one of our specialty.

We have a consulting team for all pain of child dentistry whether being tooth pain-relieving through pulpectomy or fillings, extraction of peacing of braces, etc.

Treatment for gum swelling, gum absence discoloration of growth of gums, loose and flabby gums etc is done here.

Missing tooth using implant, fixed or Removable tooth is done.

Special care and attention are given to old age people.
A denture, full mouth rehabilitation, removable patient teeth, fixed teeth using implants by a specialist is done.

We provide with digital X-ray facility which reduces patient’s ask of radiation exposure.

Tooth removal painlessly done, we have special consultant for complicated tooth removal, impactions minor & major orofacial surgeries.

Correction of malaigned teeth using braw by the specialist is also available.

And All Other Dental Treatments Available ...