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  • This was such a warm and welcoming experience. From the 1st visit I felt like I walked into a family living room. It was warm, inviting and everyone was extremely welcoming, from administration to the techs and dentists. I’m so pleased with my result. I can’t say its the end result yet because I plan on having more work.

    Vishal Mhase

  • The professional and the personal touch says it all. I recommend Highly! So don’t wait for your teeth to tell you you need health start today, right now and this is the place Smile Care Of Smile Polyclinic I Highly Recommend.

    Mahesh Kamble

  • The staff is very friendly and cool. I use to hate the dental office but now I really don’t mind coming here. They do excellent work.

    Dhiraj Nikam

  • Excellent care and very satisfied with care. I like how the financing was explained. I have recommended this practice to my friend already.

    Vikrant Kulkarni

  • Office staff very friendly and professional. Short wait time for scheduled appointment. Modern facilities and state of the art equipment.

    Prachi Patel

  • Had a wonderful experience with the staff on my recent visits. Nice looking office, convenient location. Staff is very knowledgeable and professional. The hygenist was excellent with my procedure today, found out I know her personally! Excellent work done at this office! Glad I chose this place for me and my family!

    Sonal patil

  • Good service and professional staff. Customer friendly and great care in patients who need dental care.

    Gokul Bhole

  • The Dental Care of Smile polyclinic is the place to visit to have your dental needs met. The staff members are professional and efficient. The office atmosphere is comfortable.

    Chetan Chaudhari

  • Dr. Megha Rahul bilawar is highly professional and competent health care provider. The staff is great and together everyone works hard to see to your needs. You will love the experience!!!

    Pooja Achari

dentist in pune


dentist in pune

Endodontic or Root Canal Therapy – Relatively Painless Under Experienced Hands!

Endodontic therapy is a progression of medicines to take out contamination from the mash of the tooth and shield the sterilized tooth from future diseases. The word endodontic starts from the word ‘eno’ that implies inside and ‘odious’ that implies teeth in Greek.

Ordinarily, individuals utilize the term Root Canal while characterizing the treatment, anyway, that isn’t right. Root Canal is the piece of the tooth that holds the nerve tissue and veins inside the empty; endodontic therapy is the methodology that manages the evacuation of disease and assurance of the tooth.

dentist in pune

5 heart-healthy foods you need but shouldn’t overdo

While we have consistently been recommended certain heart-healthy foods that advance heart well being, what we have never been cautioned about are the evil effects of consuming these sustenance things in excess. One guideline that you should pursue without reservation is the “everything with some restraint” rule. Cereal, for instance, is one such nourishment thing that is recommended as a piece of each heart-healthy eating regimen. Notwithstanding, while oats are a very healthy snack, they are additionally incredibly high in calories, much like fries and cake.

dentist in pune

Causes of Hypertension

As indicated by Union health ministry preventive health program, around one of each eight individuals in India has high blood pressure. Hypertension is an exceptionally basic unending ailment, being the basic reason for around 4 in every 20 conditions influencing the human body. The reasons for Hypertension are not in all respects unmistakably known. Be that as it may, some potential reasons for Hypertension have been recognized as repeating designs over some undefined time frame. These causes are distinctive for the two unique sorts of Hypertension opposite the accompanying: